Maria Nagapetyan

    Maria Nagapetyan has been a proud board member of Freedom Loving Youth – FLY since 2018.

    “This Charity holds a near and dear place in my heart, as my grandmother’s side of the family was wiped out from the earthquake in Gyumri on December 7 1988. I remember growing up and vocalizing out loud that one day I’m going to help the people of Gyumri.

    With a matter of luck, through a wonderful organization called “Fabulous Female Corner,” I was introduced to FLY. From that moment on, when I met the founders Karoline and Alina, I learned about the charity and the passion they have towards humanity and making a difference in this world. I knew that there is nothing that can stop me from joining the Charity and making a difference for innocent people who cross our paths.

    It is truly a rarity to see the same passion that’s in the FLY family elsewhere. Our Charity plays an impeccable role in families lives, by guiding them, helping them, holding their hand and allowing them to see a brighter future ahead. I am a true believer in a quote by Steve Jobs: “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do,” shares Maria Nagapetyan.

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