Susan Piliguian

    Susan Piliguian has been a proud team member of Freedom Loving Youth since 2017.

    “The first time I heard about FLY was in 2014 when I was invited to a beautiful luncheon hosted by the amazing Freedom Loving Youth team. I was so moved by their charity work that they were doing for our Armenian children and families; at that time it was in Syria.

    The following 2 years in a row, I attended FLY Galas, where they had already started their work in Armenia helping children and families in dire need, living in unimaginable conditions and struggling to survive. The video that they presented at their Gala left everyone, including myself, in a pool of tears.

    That’s when my daughter and I decided to join FLY in 2017, because after seeing the conditions our brothers and sister were left in, we needed to be part of the incredible charity work that FLY does. And I take pride in that,” shares Susan Piliguian.

    Karina Piliguianmaria nagapetyan