Martin Gevorgyan

    Martin is married and has 2 children. He lives in Gyumri, Armenia with his family. Martin is a videographer. He has been FLY’s videographer since 2019. Besides his job, Martin also volunteers a lot of his time to help with FLY’s humanitarian projects and preparation.
    “I have been a member of the FLY team since 2019. The goal and strategy of the organization immediately fascinated me, as its mission is to resurrect the homeless, the lonely, and the discouraged. Being an Armenian cameraman in the field of television journalism, I have seen, filmed, and covered a lot. I’ve learned an incredible amount about the socio-economic situation and public life in Armenia, and the role and significance of various non-governmental and charitable organizations operating here. And I can say with all certainty that FLY differs from many charitable foundations and organizations operating in Armenia, first of all, in that it does not make a person dependent but gives him independence, freedom, and the opportunity to stand on their own.” Shares Martin

    Silva Nalbandian