Karoline SamuelianFounder

    Karoline Kouzouian Samuelian was born in Aleppo, Syria and is the youngest of four children. From an early age, her grandmother Zakieh became her guiding light, instilling in her the profound values of God's love and the beauty of selfless giving.

    At the young age of thirteen, Karoline moved to the United States with her family. Later on, she married Vasken Samuelian and together they were blessed with a beautiful daughter named Alina. In 1995, Karoline assumed the role of President at Cosiani menswear.

    Tragedy struck in 1995 when Karoline lost her dear brother, Hagop Kouzouian, to the grips of depression and suicide, an event that forever altered her existence. From the depths of this pain emerged her calling: the birth of the FLY Charity, an organization dedicated to helping the neglected, especially women and children trapped in the anguish of unimaginable poverty. In honor of her brother, she dedicated the organization's humanitarian efforts to his memory. Through her own experience of profound grief, Karoline found the strength to stand alongside thousands of women and children in need to provide them with the assistance, love, and support needed to prevent them from facing a similar fate.

    From a young age, Karoline had a deep-seated desire to help those who were vulnerable and neglected in society. As she grew older, her passion for aiding those in need flourished. Her heart resonates profoundly with innocent children enduring poverty, believing that no child, no matter their circumstances, should bear such a burden. Thus, guided by divine purpose, she founded the Freedom Loving Youth – FLY Charity in 2012, with a mission to transform the lives of impoverished children and families around the world.

    "I am eternally grateful to God for unveiling my true purpose in life," Karoline reflects.
    "Serving the Lord and His beautiful children brings me unparalleled joy. My heart aches for every suffering child in the world. While suffering and poverty persist, I firmly believe in our collective power to effect change. With God's will, we can make a profound difference for the unfortunate. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to my family, the devoted FLY Board, our teams, and the incredible individuals I've met on this journey, who have wholeheartedly embraced our cause. Thank you for your love, trust, and support.

    Together, let us continue transforming the lives of our brothers and sisters, offering them opportunities life denied them. Let us stand by our children, shaping their futures and redirecting their destinies. May all our endeavors echo God's greatest Glory."

    Karoline Kouzouian Samuelian
    FLY Organization Founder