Markar Karatas

    Markar Karatas Founder and CEO of Converged System and Vice President of Pricon Inc. Mark has been married to Dalida Karatas since 2002 and has two children, Alessandro Karatas & Noah Karatas

    Mark & his family currently reside in Los Angeles, but Mark has been an Orange County Native for 31 Years. He decided to move to Los Angeles to give his kids a more Armenian friendly social environment. Mark wanted both of his sons to be exposed to their Armenian Culture more closely.

    Mark has been in the IT industry for 34 years and has worked with some of the largest companies around the world as a vendor and a customer. Mark always found himself involved in charity work mostly related to my culture.

    Mark also served on the Church Choir at St. Mary Church in Costa Mesa from 1992-1995, and served as a School Board Member at Ari Guiragos Minassian Armenian School from 2008-2010.

    In addition, Mark served as School Board Chair at Ari Guiragos Minassian Armenian School from 2011-2016, and in the Forty Martyrs Renovation Committee as a fund raiser from 2016-2017.

    Mark currently serves as a board member at the Junior Achievement nonprofit.

    Mark has served as a board member in the Freedom Loving Youth- FLY charity from 2017-2021. Mark has volunteered as the Masters of Ceremonies (MC) for FLY’s Annual Charity Gala Events since 2017.

    “Serving FLY is extremely important to me. I was drawn to FLY because of their culture and ethics. Truly one of a kind operation that believes every penny donated gets transferred to those in need, not so much in money but in food, medical, clothes, heat, housing, and more important, spiritual and psychological support. FLY is the backbone of many families that don’t have that support. FLY is organic, it evolves to the needs of the people. This is why I love FLY!” Shares Mark.