Karina Piliguian
    “In my junior year of high school I was given the opportunity to visit and volunteer at different daycares and orphanages in Armenia, and I experienced indigence and poverty like never before. Children had no dental assistance and were suffering from toothaches and cavities, children who had lost both parents and had to live in orphanages and with non family members, and children whose only meals were in the walls of the daycare/orphanage.
     The worst part was, I knew what I had seen wasn’t the worst. I couldn’t sit still after witnessing my people’s youth going through this. After returning from Armenia, I knew that God had a calling for me to contribute somehow in helping those needy and less fortunate children. That’s when God lead me to FLY (Freedom Loving Youth). My eyes lit up when I was enlightened about the organization and its mission to help the children and families left with nothing, living in extreme poverty and distress, living in metal containers, and have no motivation or goals in life whatsoever. Not only do they bring these families everything they need to sustain life,  from food to clothing but also bring these families hope for a better future and a better way of life.
    Seeing what FLY does deeply touched my heart and my soul and I am truly blessed to have found such a genuine, kind, and welcoming team that is purely in it for the cause.
    I am a proud member of the FLY team and I couldn’t be happier to be able to contribute to my country by helping children and families for a better and more fulfilling life and future,” says Karina Piliguian.