Heghine Manukyan

    Heghine Manukyan is a journalist who lives in Gyumri, Armenia. She is the mother to a beautiful daughter. She tragically lost her husband in the war in Armenia in 2020. She joined FLY in 2018 and has been FLY’s journalist since. She is the main person in charge of carrying out the interviews with the families, as well as editing footage and conducting all the voiceovers for the videos. Besides her job, Heghine also volunteers a lot of her time to help with FLY’s humanitarian projects and preparation.
    “FLY is service. To be with FLY means to serve humanity, to serve God, to stand with the poor, with an orphaned and starving child, with an injured soldier who served and protected our homeland. Over the years, FLY changes destinies, inspires hope, instills love, and fills the hearts of thousands of families with faith. FLY is my wealth. I have served and will continue to serve in this big family and will continue giving my contribution to the positive changes in the lives of these families.” Shares Heghine.