Gevick Safarians

    My dear friend from the Armenian Church Youth Organization, Delilah Shahbazian, had told me to join FLY. Curious to learn more about the nonprofit, I set up a meeting Alina Samuelian. Needless to say, I had always been skeptical about the many charities donating to my homeland of Armenia. Alina explained FLY to be different and I knew this to be true due to its humble beginnings and evidence provided of their wonderful service in Armenia. Hence I joined FLY in May of 2017. 

    For one to invest so much time and effort to better the lives of families in another part of the world is an irreplaceable and rare deed. Thus, FLY means all that is good in the world to me. They are an emblem of the fact that through the work and love a few huge changes can come about in the lives of others. I value this immensely, as is why I decided to be a part of FLY.  FLY has shown me an avenue which is available – taking the time to touch the lives of others. It’s brought me a sense of reassurance that these outlets do exist and that they are not all greedy organizations. FLY has taught me exactly how rare it is to actually want and invest time to bring joy to many who have forgotten the meaning of joy. I look forward to continue work with FLY onto the future. 

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