Our Mission

Freedom Loving Youth (FLY) is a Non-Profit Organization with the mission of transforming the lives of orphans and children in need worldwide. Founded in May 2013 by President Karoline Kouzouian Samuelian and led by His Grace Bishop Armash Nalbandian of Damascus, FLY primarily works to impact the lives of orphans and children that face poverty, war, illness, neglect, and abuse.

FLY is composed of dedicated volunteers who feel blessed to be given the opportunity to serve the Lord and help God’s children. We believe that no innocent child deserves to suffer and that it is our duty as human beings to make a difference in any way possible. FLY is dedicated to help, protect, and educate orphans and children in need and build a bright future for the upcoming generations. The team’s passion and love for children is the driving force of all of FLY’s charitable work.

FLY ensures that every penny donated to the cause directly reaches children that are most in need. In addition, 100% of the charity’s work is shared with the public through social media because FLY believes it’s everyone’s right to see their contributions at work and share this joy with us and the children.

FLY is the driving force that helps build a world where the rights of every child are recognized. FLY believes that nurturing and caring for children is the foundation of human progress.

FLY works wholeheartedly to plant the seeds of happiness and love in children’s hearts, and ultimately, help make this world a better place.

FLY MAKES AN EXTRAORDINARY DIFFERENCE. We are grateful for the love and support of our communities who see FLY’s work as part of their mission to create a better world. Through our fundraisers and generous donations FLY has already helped over 5,000 children in need in both Syria and Armenia!

YOU CAN HELP CHILDREN facing neglect, poverty, violence, illness, and guide them to becoming the best version of themselves. There is no feeling greater than giving. God bless you all.

The Crisis

The war in Syria, scourging on since 2010, left thousands of children as orphans and many families have lost everything. The children live every day of their lives in fear, waking and sleeping to bomb explosions, not knowing which moment could be their last.

In Armenia, there are thousands of children and families living in extreme poverty that need immediate help. In cities like Gyumri, where a severe earthquake hit on December 7, 1988, many families lost everything and their lives drastically changed for the worst. There are currently over 3,000 families still suffering from the earthquake’s aftermath. These families live in containers and lack the simplest of everyday necessities, such as food, water, clothing, shoes, heat, household items, and even a bathroom. As a result of the horrific poverty, many families can’t afford to take care of their children and leave them behind. There are also many disabled children that have been abandoned since birth. Therefore, all these children currently live in orphanages.

These cases are desperate and are in need of our immediate attention and care. Let’s not forget these children as the rest of the world has.

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