Natalin Daldalian

    Natalin Daldalian has been actively involved with Freedom Loving Youth since 2015 and joined the FLY Youth team in March 2016. She currently serves as the Secretary for FLY’s Youth team. She has a calling and a passion to help those in need. Naturally, when hearing about the great difference FLY was making in children’s lives, Natalin’s first instinct was to become a part of FLY. She takes great pride in the work that she and the team combined do to help those in need around the world.
    “I don’t think there are words to express what FLY means to me and what a difference being part of this incredible organization has made in my life. FLY has impacted me greatly as it has encouraged me to pursue careers in a field where I have the power to help those who need me. I am confident that with strong faith, determination and FLY, I can help make the world we live in a better place.”

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