Executive Board

Syrian Chapters

  • Arto Najarian
      Arto Najarian
    • Maral Karamanoogian
        Maral Karamanoogian
      • Talin Topalian-Mlkigian
          Talin Topalian-Mlkigian
        • Ojen Kozanian-Madarian
            Ojen Kozanian-Madarian
          • Vartuhi Tchatalbashian
              Vartuhi Tchatalbashian
            • Tamar Khabaian
                Tamar Khabaian
              • Penyamin Fermanian
                  Penyamin Fermanian
                • Hovhannes Antranig Sulahian
                    Hovhannes Antranig Sulahian
                  • Tamar Melkonian-Saghdejian
                      Tamar Melkonian-Saghdejian
                    • Vazken Tchaparian
                        Vazken Tchaparian
                      • Arda Mirzoian
                          Arda Mirzoian
                        • Rafi Sayegh
                            Rafi Sayegh
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